Kendall Maddox

Choose Your Escape

Explore our unforgettable experiences together, whether its a quick rendezvous or a weekend adventure, let us bask in each others embrace & create memories we'll never forget.

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Let’s get blown away together anywhere in this windy city

Whirlwind Embrace

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Let us enjoy the luxury of an evening together. Whether its a short embrace or a night out, I would love to spend more time getting to know you.



  • 1 hour | 1000

  • 1.5 hours | 1500



the kendall experience

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Unlock your inhibitions with a day or night of exploring new passions together. Let’s stroll The Magnificent Mile to surround ourselves with Chicago’s most exquisite luxuries.



  • 2 Hours | 2000

  • 3 Hours | 3000

  • 4 Hours | 4000


Let’s bask in each others company for a lifetime's worth of memories.

Indulgent Holiday

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Your personal travel companion awaits you, my bags are already packed! Where are we going captain?



  • 12 hours | 9,000 {overnight}

  • 24 hours | 15,000

  • 48 hours | 30,000

  • For Week Long Rendezvous' , Fly Me to You, VIP Monthly Arrangements & Extra Girlfriends or Group Events.. | Please inquire via booking form with full details of request.