Q: Are you really 19?

A: Yes, I'm 19; but age is just a number. I love connecting with people on an earthly level and finding out what intrigues and ignights us. You are only as old as you feel, and you will leave me feeling forever young. 

Q: Where can I meet you?

A: I am available in Chicago and Los Angeles. Subscribe to my mailing list to see my tour dates!

Q: Should I bring anything?

A: Gifts are not required, but I love being surprised with a thoughtful memento of our time together. You can find some of my favorite things at my wishlist here:...

Q: how should I arrive?

A: A clean, considerate and polished gentleman will always leave me swooning. Please be well dressed, freshly showered and free of colognes so we can enjoy each others presence uninhibited. 


Q: What if I have a wardrobe request?

A: I love playing dress up and nothing makes me happier than being your personal model and showing off an outfit at your request...if you'd like to see some of my favorite styles click here(insert wishlist link). 


Q: Do you have reviews?

A: Life is fleeting and subjective...I prefer to enjoy each moment with a gentleman free from expectations of reviews and judgement. Our time together is unique, let's leave it that way. 


Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: Cash is preferred but I do accept Bitcoin and gift cards for deposits


Q: What types of screening do you have?

A: I am confident that we can find a method of screening that is comfortable and convenient for you. I have my preferred methods but I also have 20 other options in total. 


Q: Do you have girlfriends to bring?

A: Yes I have girlfriends in Chicago and Los Angeles for you to choose from upon request, based on their availability as well.


Q: what is your cancellation policy?

A: I look forward to the time we spend together and understand that life happens... a busy gentleman is not always able to make every appointment. If you must cancel please let me know 24 hours in advance to avoid the 20% cancellation fee